Summer Camp

The Most Electrifying Recreational Program in Broward County!

About Us

Everything was perfect and fun! We love the coaches and counselors! We also loved all the
sports, crafts, and field trips! Thank you for a great summer!


Known for its summer camp, Bolt Up strives to provide the best programs for children of all ages.

We make every effort to build a child’s character and confidence through things such as sports, arts, gaming, and education. Our qualified staff are trained to encourage children to reach their highest potential. Becoming more confident, increasing self-esteem, and developing social skills are just a few things Bolt Up provides. Bolt Up aims to provide safe fun in order to build an array of lifelong memories.

Summer 2019
Bolt Up Summer Camp Launch!
Summer 2021
Bolt Up Summer Camp!
Fall 2021
Basketball Coming Soon!

Why Choose Us



Our staff’s talent, love, leadership, and devotion are the heart and soul of Bolt up programs.



Bolt Up goes above and beyond to interact with families enrolled in programs. Building a strong foundation allows programs to have that family like feeling.



A staff filled with 10+ years of experience in the education world, Bolt Up provides a culture that is unmatched anywhere.



Our number one priority throughout all of Bolt Up is safety. The protocols in place are able to provide children a safe environment to have fun in.

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