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Bolt Up!

The most electrifying recreational program in Broward County!

Known for its summer camp, Bolt Up strives to provide the best programs for children of all ages. We make every effort to build a child’s character and confidence through things such as sports, arts, gaming, and education. Our qualified staff is trained to encourage children to reach their highest potential. Becoming more confident, increasing self-esteem, and developing social skills are just a few things Bolt Up provides. Bolt Up aims to provide safe fun in order to build an array of lifelong memories.

Soccer Camp


Bolt Up is looking forward to bringing you bigger, better, and safer events in the near future! Please stay connected for the latest news on upcoming events…


Just because you are having fun doesn’t mean you can’t learn at the same time. Bolt up not only provides
social and emotional learning through sports and activities but also helps with cognitive and motor
learning skills as well.

Learning summer camp


Bounce houses, water works, lasting friendships and so much more. See what you have missed out on and what you can join in on soon!


Whether it is the school year or the summer, Bolt Up offers explosive fun! Offering programs throughout the year, Bolt Up is your leading source of child entertainment.

Why Choose Us



Our staff’s talent, love, leadership, and devotion are the heart and soul of Bolt Up programs.



Bolt Up goes above and beyond to interact with families enrolled in programs. Building a strong foundation allows programs to have that family like feeling.



With a staff filled with 10+ years of experience in the education world, Bolt Up provides a culture that is unmatched anywhere.



Our number one priority throughout all of Bolt Up is safety. The protocols in place are able to provide children a safe environment to have fun.

Fall Bolt Up Basketball League


What People Say

“My son talks all the time about the precious memories from Bolt Up Camp. He gained more friends, built stronger relationships, and thoroughly enjoyed it. We appreciate all the hard work and dedication into making this one of the best Summers Camps ever!”

Merisier Family

“Thank you to all the staff who made Bolt Up Summer Camp a fun experience. We loved the weekly Field Trips and activities that were scheduled for the kids. I also liked how organized it all was with the weekly flyers. All staff were very welcoming and Emma enjoyed spending her summer there. Can’t wait to see what is in store next summer!”

Trinidad Family

Bolt Up Summer Camp was great! This was our first year and the expectations were more than expected. The accommodations for the parents were great from pick-up to drop-off. Can’t wait for next year! Thank you Bolt Up Staff!”

Colon Family
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